Canon | 2022


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A mixture of ten varieties native to the Bordeaux region, growing together in the same vineyard block.


Appellation Bordeaux Contrôlée


4 500 bottles


Mickael Husser @mika_husser

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CANON is a wink to our beautiful region. A green star shape represents a historic Château in the city centre, and an animal emblematic of the coats of arms of this same city playing the trumpet. We’ll leave it up to you to solve the riddle of this bottle!

Canon has a rich and complex identity, unlike any classic blend: we drink the soul of this place, and the history of the grandfather who used to work these vines, mixing grape varieties and planting trees within the blocks. Several clones and varieties, that have not all been identified, meet in our tank to fine tune their aromatic harmony. A beautiful duel between white (roughly 5%) and red grapes which sets the tone with its crunchy red fruits. A gentle maceration (six months in old barrels) and the touch of white grapes result in a balance of freshness and tannic strength on the palate, enjoyable from a young age.

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