Ethical viticulture

As an urban wine producer and negotiant, the grapes behind our current wines belong to our partner growers. The grapes come from vineyards across France. Our vine growers are all organic producers or currently transforming their vineyard to an organic production. We purchase the grapes at a fair price respecting their work, supporting them to continue improving their vineyard, in order to grow higher quality grapes each year.

Our collaboration with selected producers allows to create original wines with unique blends that are virtuous and solidary. Our sincere and ethical collaboration with our partners includes total transparency concerning the origin of the grapes, respect of the terroir and promotion of the producers involved.

Responsible harvesting and winemaking

Our goal is to manage every step of the wine making from the vine to the glass, with the greatest respect for nature and the environment. To achieve this, the majority of grapes are harvested ourselves by hand, brought back personally to Bordeaux and entirely vinified in our facilities. The use of additives is limited as much as possible during the winemaking: the minimum necessary to guarantee a stable quality wine over time.

You may want to ask us about using no sulfites - and our answer would be: “Give us some time to get a handle on our new winery. Winemaking in a bunker has to be tested before taking any further risks! But we are not far off the no-sulfites mark, and so long as the results are good we will continue to head in this direction.”

Our partner wine growers

Guillaume Guérin

Our one and only Bordelais right now. Situated on a 23 hectares (57 acre) of vineyard on the line that separates the fine gravels of Côtes de Bourg and the clays of Blaye, he only bottles a fraction of his harvest himself, which allows us great possibilities to choose grapes across his diverse terroirs.

Sylvain Ohayon & Aude Duval

A young, adventuresome couple that decided to launch a vineyard at the same time as we set up our business. They created the domaine de l’Astre on 8 hectares of limestone farmland near Sainte Foy la Grande. Starting out together has created a superb support network between us.

Manuel Rémon

Artisan winemaker by day and poet by night, Manuel recently took over the family winery, La Rune, in the Corbières region of France. The 22 hectares of land high up in the appellation, rise up to 350 meters of altitude, across the scrubland that he loves so much.

Simon Capmartin

Near the Pyrenees, the Madiran appellation in the Gers produces a famous variety, well known in the south-west: Tannat. Some say that this variety has high anti-oxidant properties, and based on the liveliness of this young winemaker, that may well be true! But why make only Tannat-wines… the long-term viticultural experiments are underway.

Jean-François Debourg

Despite his long-term involvement as producer in the Beaujolais region, selling to local cooperative, he only produces a small part of his 20 hectares (49 acres) of grapes since the last three years. His cuvée Ronchon, illustrates well his humorist character and his passion for his wine and new cellar.