Volume | 2020


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66% mix d’une dizaine de cépage en complantation
+ 33% Cabernet Sauvignon


AOC Bordeaux


2 500 bouteilles


Charlotte Bourrus

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By this name, we wanted to find more density in this second Bordeaux blend. To do this, we took the most qualitative part of the CANON. As a reminder, its identity is rich and complex without any look a like blend : the taste is that of the vineyard’s spirit where grandfather managed his plots of complantation and agroforestry. White and red mixed together sets the tempo with notes of red fruits and surprising whtite-fleshed fruits. Then, 33% of a Cabernet Sauvignon from Côtes de Bourg increase the structure. To coat everything, we also increased the aging to 9 months with a mix of containers (terracotta jar and 300L barrels). The result is only slimmer and more elegant. It results a beautiful deep wine with our hallmark, it stay fresh and easy to drink.

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