Chut | 2022


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40% Chenin d’Anjou
40% Colombard des Charentes
20% Chenin de Limoux


Vin de France


5 500 bottles


Jesti Piti @jestipiti

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On an abandoned beach, two bodies bask in the deepest silence perfectly propitious for tasting this wine. In music, the pauses are just as important as the notes, so “Shhh” (or “Chut” as the French say!). Will this wine render you speechless or make you fall over backwards… this is the question!

This Chenin d’Anjou is held together by its acidity. The Chenin de Limoux adds elegance on the nose thanks to complex aromas of stone and citrus fruits, as well as dried fruits with white flowers and honey.
The Colombard de Charentes brings its distinctive notes of pear and tart citrus. You get the idea: with this wine we are heading straight for tension and acidity to enliven your taste buds. But, Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

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